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Anju Technology’s document management solution can help bring your company into the electronic age of business information management in a matter of days and a minimal investment of time and money.  DocXLogic business automation products cater to the small and mid-size business that needs to automate the capture, electronic filing,
on-line retrieval, and rules-based routing of all business documents and forms. 

The investment you make today in a DocXLogic business system will yield immediate returns in efficiency, productivity and business readiness.  Your critical business information will be secured and protected.  Customized rules can help you manage your unique document approval processes, publish any business form on the web, and share information within your company and business to business in a secured manner.
All of our products are intuitive, intelligent, rules-based, user-oriented and affordable.   Choose an on-line virtual tour below or schedule a 30 minute personalized web-demonstration to learn more!   

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Mortgage/Lending Services Services Case Study

One of our customers' premier services is to provide income verification to major financial lending institutions. In 2008, our client was responding to an average of 400 requests per day with approximately 20 data operators. 
The Solution - In 2008, We implemented an advanced automated solution leveraging the Anju DocXLogic document and workflow manager.
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